Why Your Dentist is an Artist

When you think of an artist, you think of someone who sculpts, molds, sits at an easel and uses brilliant shades of color to create a masterpiece. You wouldn’t think of them as Seattle dentists, leaning over a patient in a sterile clinic creating a fake root to put a tooth implant in place.

However, if you are to think of art by definition, then the role of a dentist, you will find that Seattle dentists, and dentists all around the world, are artists. Here’s why.


What is an Artist?

You can describe an artist as someone who creates art – either as a hobby or for an occupation. They are skilled in a particular activity or use knowledge of painting, drawing, crafting, and design to create and build something that’s beautiful or interesting to someone, somewhere. In essence, an artist is someone who can turn nothing into something, and be applauded for it.

What is a Dentist?

A dentist or dental surgeon specializes in dentistry – a broad profession. They are involved in preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions relating to oral cavities, conditions, issues, and diseases. They also receive help and support from a team of technicians, therapists, hygienists and assistants – all who assist in providing oral health services.

Prevention and diagnostics aside, a dentist is also an artist. Think about what defines an artist – someone skilled in something and using it to build, craft, or create something. Think about how many dental procedures related to that definition. Even something as minor as crafting a filling becomes an art. They have to mold and fill the tooth, creating a unique pattern in the tooth to prevent an irregular bite.

You can say the same about dentures. A dentist in Seattle, or a dental expert, have to craft a plate from scratch, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your mouth so you can eat and talk like you did before you lost your original teeth.

If you need a root canal, you are filling the tooth with composite, molding it gently on top. And, if you are creating an implant, you have to insert a fake root into the gum before crafting a tooth to adhere to it. These processes take time, patience, creativity, and skill. An artist must be the same. Therefore, by definition, a dentist – be it a dentist in Seattle or somewhere else, is an artist.

It’s clear to see that an artist and a dentist in Seattle are closely linked by definition. While you wouldn’t trust a painter to give you a root canal, or a dentist to create an abstract painting, you could class the two in the same league.