A stubborn artist starves to death while a smart one becomes rich when alive. This is, unfortunately, the truth of today’s life. Although the stubborn artist may become famous after his death, what is the point of fame if you can’t enjoy it while living?

 To solve this eternal problem, today’s artists need to remember these important keys.

  1. You don’t need to suffer or starve to create good art

Although it may go against your idea of an artist, there is no need to suffer to create meaningful art. The moment you unstick yourself from this myth, a new world opens up to you. Get rid of beliefs like ‘selling art is dirty’ because you will need that money to buy food and clothes.

  1. Even good art needs marketing

Before they sell famous paintings, every auction house publishes their catalogue. Because even a Picasso needs marketing. When more people know about your art, there is a greater chance someone will appreciate it. So always be open to marketing your art in different ways.

  1. Use your skills in different ways

A classic painter can also consult on video games color schemes. A sculptor can also do design work and a dancer could help people be more graceful in their walk. There always many ways in which you can utilise your talent. This will help unleash your hidden skills, enhance your existing talent and even generate income for you. This will also give you an opportunity to know more people, interact with them and market yourself as an artist.

While there are a dozen schools that teach you art, many of them fail to teach you how to succeed. Like any other talent, art also needs nourishment. Remember these core skills and use them when possible.