The value of art lies in the way it is perceived. Because of this, even a mediocre piece of art may sell at a high price while an amazing piece is left behind. Making a living as an artist is not easy. In fact, the leading stereotype of an artist is that for a man/woman who is living in a basement filled with canvasses and unpaid bills.

Once you make a name, it is easy to command big money for your work. But how do you make a living as an artist before you are famous?

 In this article, we will try to share how to make a living as an artist in Seattle.

In simple words, be prepared to don the roles of a marketer and the artist at the same time.

Apart from creating art pieces that communicate well, you also need to promote yourself. You may have to write press packages, create a resume and host a website with your information.

 Ditch the idea of the crazy artist who is away from society. If you want recognition for your work, you have to put yourself out there and be available.

Take a night class in writing at your community college so you know how to write for the newspaper, the art magazine and for your website. When people know about you, it is easy for them to appreciate your art.

 Adaptability is another important skill to develop. Apart from painting to create your art pieces, you can teach a class on painting or run a tour around the art déco district explaining how the colours express themselves.

 The key is to use your talent in different ways rather than just one form of expression. Creating multiple streams of income takes away the stress of uncertainty and pressure of finding more work.